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Graduations Are Grand

Why are graduations so great? A graduation ceremony celebrates both individual achievement and an intense bond of community. Graduation is the doorway between years of routine and an unpredictable journey into the future. It shines with youthful aspiration and shows … Continue reading

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Hospice Care

“Are We There Yet?” March 24, 2016 Eight of us stuffed into two bench seats. No air conditioning. Squabbling in the back seat summoned The voice from the front seat, The voice behind the steering wheel: “Do you want me … Continue reading

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Poem: Writer’s Recipe

Writer opens up his pot to make a stew Sifting lines that don’t belong for words that do Mashing genres till their fibers are askew Pounding irony till tender as a shoe Oils onomatopoeia zoo-zoo-moo Hones a metaphor that cuts … Continue reading

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Most Overused Word of 2015

The most overused word of 2015 is absolutely “absolutely.” As you listen to interviews, you can hear it before the interviewee even says it: “Absolutely.” Anytime the answer could be “Yes,” “Sure,” “Certainly” or “Probably,” you will hear “Absolutely.” Unfortunately, now … Continue reading

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Les Misérables and Your Candlesticks

In Les Misérables, follow the candlesticks to see Love triumph over Law. Les Misérables is a tangled web of unrelenting law and unconditional love. What happens when justice and mercy collide? Law must be satisfied. Love must find reconciliation. There … Continue reading

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The Hobbit and Daisy Love

Remembering Daisy Love Merrick… Live a larger life—the life you were created for—and change the world! Tomorrow a neighboring pastor is going to his 8-year-old daughter’s memorial service. A few days ago he dressed up like a hobbit with her … Continue reading

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The Impossible

The Impossible offers exquisite moments that reveal the human soul. If you ever cry at a movie, have some Kleenex along for The Impossible. This film follows the struggling survivors of one family in Thailand through the aftermath of the … Continue reading

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