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Authentic Organizational Values

Yesterday I attended the most extraordinary high school graduation I have ever witnessed. At Besant Hill School of Happy Valley, 25 students graduated, and each graduate gave a brief speech including my favorite new alum, Jasmine. My personal memories of … Continue reading

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Redefining Marriage: Group Marriage

Group marriage is a next logical step in our culture’s redefining of marriage. An early step is a religious group marriage in Thailand this week, not yet recognized by civil law. How many people can share in a group marriage? … Continue reading

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Pray…Then Sue?

“An Applebee’s customer who was burned while praying over his plate of sizzling fajitas has been told he cannot sue the chain.” Praying at mealtime is good. Praying in public is a good witness. Praying and then suing the restaurant … Continue reading

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The Cost of a Cabin

My cabin is boring beige The hazy clouds are layers of lavender, pink, white and blue High above a half moon nods a slanted greeting As we jet north, the fields far below hue from tan to white Infrequent towns … Continue reading

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#1 Freudian Slip of 2014

Ben Affleck “We are endowed by our forefathers with inalienable rights.” Declaration of Independence “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among … Continue reading

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Disappearing Babies

The value of babies is plummeting in the West and on the Pacific Rim. Multiple children have become a liability, a social sign of failure, and an impediment to hope. When life centers on self, babies disappear. In Germany, urban … Continue reading

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Great Days for Youth Ministry!

Adults over 30 grossly underestimate the impact of the Bible on youth! Young adults are twice as likely to believe that the Bible has “a lot” of impact on American youth than adults 29 and older, according to the annual … Continue reading

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