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The Saddest Words

This traveling month I’ve heard words that tasted delicious: In Ohio, “I’m having another baby!” In California, “You are courageous!” In Maryland, “You are such a good friend!” In West Virginia, “Thank you for coming so far!” I’ve experienced things … Continue reading

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Transcendental Food

Without warning, food transports me through space and time. Last month I finished a business meeting 30 miles from my childhood home and had two hours till I was due at the airport. Forty minutes later I was parked here, … Continue reading

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Poem: Bag of Bones

I am a tired bag of bones tonight This week Too many states Too many beds Too many cars Too many planes Too many cups of coffee It is good to be home I am a tired bag of bones … Continue reading

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Driving to Heaven

Driving to Ojai is a little like going to heaven. Driving down US-101 is lovely. However, when I turn onto Highway 33 I see beautiful in the distance. The closer I come, the higher the mountains grow. In winter they … Continue reading

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NYC: American Museum of Natural History

New York’s American Museum of Natural History is not your father’s museum—it is your grandfather’s museum. Night at the Museum was a fun movie. My day at the museum was disappointing. Many of the dioramas double as exhibits not only … Continue reading

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Monsters on the plane

Free vodka in coach class—that’s what the flight attendant offered me this morning between LA and NYC. I’ve never had such hospitality in coach before. I hope that I never do again. She did not make the offer to get … Continue reading

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