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Poem: Writer’s Recipe

Writer opens up his pot to make a stew Sifting lines that don’t belong for words that do Mashing genres till their fibers are askew Pounding irony till tender as a shoe Oils onomatopoeia zoo-zoo-moo Hones a metaphor that cuts … Continue reading

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Our Compass Is Lost

Assassinating a national ruler is not comedy…except in postmodern America. Based on an attempt to kill the North Korean head of state, The Interview is scheduled to open in October. It has this so-called hilarious premise: “Desperate to legitimize their … Continue reading

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After Your Dreams Have All Died

“After your dreams have all died…what are you?” That’s the final question in “New Low” from Middle Class Rut. The video will make you sad and then make you laugh with its dark comedy. Songs like “New Low” are why … Continue reading

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Les Misérables and Your Candlesticks

In Les Misérables, follow the candlesticks to see Love triumph over Law. Les Misérables is a tangled web of unrelenting law and unconditional love. What happens when justice and mercy collide? Law must be satisfied. Love must find reconciliation. There … Continue reading

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Teamwork = 5 People Playing 1 Guitar

Teamwork creates harmony! Teamwork enhances effectiveness! Teamwork builds security! Teamwork grows camaraderie! Teamwork fulfills vision! The teamwork in this video will bend your mind:

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I Love Artists

I love artists! They see the world differently and help me to look at it in new ways. They create beauty from the ether of imagination. They are unbound by “is” and “was.” Scientists cultivate deep curiosity, but they cannot … Continue reading

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Leaders or Changemongers?

Leaders who won’t receive change should step down. If leaders could accept a fraction of the change that they require from others, their teams could achieve what now seems impossible. Change is disorienting when it happens to us. A “stranger” … Continue reading

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