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Hospice Care

“Are We There Yet?” March 24, 2016 Eight of us stuffed into two bench seats. No air conditioning. Squabbling in the back seat summoned The voice from the front seat, The voice behind the steering wheel: “Do you want me … Continue reading

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Redefining Marriage: Group Marriage

Group marriage is a next logical step in our culture’s redefining of marriage. An early step is a religious group marriage in Thailand this week, not yet recognized by civil law. How many people can share in a group marriage? … Continue reading

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Whose Team Are You On?

Sarah is 14, and she is a free-thinking prodigy. She questions the negative rap on Benedict Arnold: Could the traitor from the American Revolution be misrepresented by history? She has doubts about the greatness of Andrew Jackson because he violated … Continue reading

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Godly Mischief

It is a godly deed to toilet paper a locker! Why? Because the Bible tells me so—sort of. “Let’s see how inventive we can be in encouraging love and helping out” (Hebrews 10:24, Message). Last August I was with an … Continue reading

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A Horrible, Fabulous Night

Last night was fantastic! A six-hour layover, an airport without a car, and a hotel without a room. After landing in Oklahoma City at 11:30pm, Enterprise Rental Car sent me to National. I had a reservation, but all National had … Continue reading

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Jim the Visioneer

My friend Jim just died at 92. On Tuesday afternoon his eyes glimmered a little behind the thickening curtain of death. On Wednesday morning he left. The ultimate geek, when Jim’s teenage daughter was sick in bed, he attempted to … Continue reading

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I Hate Funerals!

In the Garden of Eden there was no corner set aside for a cemetery. This world was not created for funerals. We were created to live forever. Funerals were not part of God’s perfect plan. When Jesus went to a … Continue reading

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Focus and Near-Misses

Where’s your focus? Who do you see? Who do you fail to see? A couple months ago I was marching through Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. I was thoroughly enjoying a phone conversation with my nephew Josh in New York City. Then, … Continue reading

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I’m peeved that (while I’m writing this) I’m out of reach of a TV, a radio, or internet access to follow election results. What’s happening?! It’s election night, and I’m flying to Oklahoma. Last night was Pennsylvania. Tomorrow I head … Continue reading

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