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Who’s more royal, Bushes or Clintons?

Why do would-be Presidents protest against American royal families? Perhaps because many Americans subconsciously crave royalty. Is there a Freudian slip in Elle this month? “In her May issue editor’s letter, ELLE Editor-in-Chief Robbie Myers writes: ‘There is something innately … Continue reading

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That’s My President!

“Whoever wins, that’s my president. I need to pray for him and wish him well.” That’s what I heard early this morning. At the moment—in the middle of ballot counting on election night—Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have each earned … Continue reading

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Sarah Jessica Parker and the Chief Justice

Ms. Sex in the City sounds just like the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of California. The actress and the judge have cracked the door open for marriage that is taboo today—incest, polygamy, man-boy, woman-girl. Tomorrow will be a … Continue reading

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The Land of Opportunity & Cronyism

America is the land of unbounded opportunity and sometimes repugnant cronyism. Each of the three leading contenders for the U.S. presidency is the son of a foreign-born father! Barack Obama’s father was born in Kenya. Mitt Romney’s father started life … Continue reading

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Smart People vs. Children

Why should “educated” people loathe families with more than 1.8 children? Yesterday The New Yorker featured a column criticizing presidential candidate Rick Santorum. Columnists are certainly welcome to praise or criticize any candidate they choose, but the hateful tone and … Continue reading

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Milestones of Religious Intolerance

The year 2011 is notable for new milestones in religious intolerance—thanks to The New York Times, The Washington Post and the U.S. military. What does this bode for 2012? The New York Times published a bigoted attack on people of … Continue reading

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Vice Presidential Nominees in 2012?

DEMOCRATS: We know who the nominee will be. President Barack Obama would be wise to retire the gaffer-in-chief, Joe Biden, and adopt Sen. Jim Webb (VA), former Sec. of the Navy. This would keep the center from leaking to the … Continue reading

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