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Persecuted Church Sunday

American pastor, Saeed Abedini, is serving 8 years in prison in Iran for his faith in God. He has internal bleeding from beatings, torture and psychological torment. Join in praying for Pastor Abedini’s release this weekend on Persecuted Church Sunday. … Continue reading

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Isaiah Targets Your Heart

If you are not careful, your life might change between now and Easter. March’s Old Testament readings are leading us on a journey together into the heart of an ancient sage, Isaiah, who is both prophet and poet. Although Isaiah … Continue reading

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Sermon Themes for Ephesians 4-6?

I’m looking for advice on August theme ideas for preaching from Ephesians 4-6. I’m following the 3-year lectionary, and each of the four passages includes the thread of our speech, our words—to each other and to God. I have a … Continue reading

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Of Parrots and Preachers

Listening to preachers can feel too much like listening to parrots! Many preachers are predictable, repetitive—and even worse—one wonders if they could explain their inherited parrot phrases in contemporary, public square English. This affliction includes preachers from every theological/denominational tribe. … Continue reading

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Oscar’s Favorite Movies & God’s Favorite Songs

2 Notions: 1. Preaching should not steer around culture. Because culture is the lens through which we experience truth—including God’s Word—preaching should steer into our common experience. 2. Art can be a hot line between the human spirit and the … Continue reading

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Rob Bell on Advent

“What the church calendar does is create space for Jesus to meet us in the full range of human experience, for God to speak to us across the spectrum, in the good and the bad, in the joy and in … Continue reading

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Narnia Message Series

How do we communicate Advent and Christmas today? At Holy Cross, we are hosting “A Christmas Advent-ure: Your Voyage to the End of the World.” Alongside Scripture, we will focus on characters from C.S. Lewis’ latest Narnia movie, Voyage of … Continue reading

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Our Uninspired Lectionary

The point of the lectionary is exploring all of the Bible, but it misses a couple important things. Celebrate God’s Word The lectionary doesn’t offer a month to simply celebrate God’s Word. So that’s what we’re doing this month, based … Continue reading

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