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Graduations Are Grand

Why are graduations so great? A graduation ceremony celebrates both individual achievement and an intense bond of community. Graduation is the doorway between years of routine and an unpredictable journey into the future. It shines with youthful aspiration and shows … Continue reading

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My Homeless Neighbor

Art leans toward personal experience. Next week and next month I will help transition homeless neighbors from long-term camps. Because I struggle with this, my mind has wandered into verse. “My Homeless Neighbor” My ceiling is stucco, but yours is the … Continue reading

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Farewell Tax-Exempt Churches

Today Disney/ABC’s subsidiary Fusion published that churches should lose their tax-exempt status if they do not perform wedding ceremonies that contradict their religion. The days of proclaiming tolerance as a virtue are now history. Name-calling is the new normal for … Continue reading

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Authentic Organizational Values

Yesterday I attended the most extraordinary high school graduation I have ever witnessed. At Besant Hill School of Happy Valley, 25 students graduated, and each graduate gave a brief speech including my favorite new alum, Jasmine. My personal memories of … Continue reading

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Two Americas: Local vs “Chain”ed

Two Americas are on display here in Ripley, West Virginia, population 3,252. By Interstate 77, on the fringe of town, you can experience “Chain”ed America, and in the old part of town you find Local America. My Quality Inn overlooks … Continue reading

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Disappearing Babies

The value of babies is plummeting in the West and on the Pacific Rim. Multiple children have become a liability, a social sign of failure, and an impediment to hope. When life centers on self, babies disappear. In Germany, urban … Continue reading

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Persecuted Church Sunday

American pastor, Saeed Abedini, is serving 8 years in prison in Iran for his faith in God. He has internal bleeding from beatings, torture and psychological torment. Join in praying for Pastor Abedini’s release this weekend on Persecuted Church Sunday. … Continue reading

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