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Farewell Tax-Exempt Churches

Today Disney/ABC’s subsidiary Fusion published that churches should lose their tax-exempt status if they do not perform wedding ceremonies that contradict their religion. The days of proclaiming tolerance as a virtue are now history. Name-calling is the new normal for … Continue reading

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Redefining Marriage: Group Marriage

Group marriage is a next logical step in our culture’s redefining of marriage. An early step is a religious group marriage in Thailand this week, not yet recognized by civil law. How many people can share in a group marriage? … Continue reading

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Are You Psychotic Like Moses and Jesus?

How far can church leaders and institutions wander from their beginnings? Harvard University has slid from training godly pastors to raising “leaders” who label Moses and Jesus as psychotic. Fifteen years after the Pilgrims’ first Thanksgiving, American churches were increasing … Continue reading

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Two Americas: Local vs “Chain”ed

Two Americas are on display here in Ripley, West Virginia, population 3,252. By Interstate 77, on the fringe of town, you can experience “Chain”ed America, and in the old part of town you find Local America. My Quality Inn overlooks … Continue reading

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Fire Within 1.5 miles

Direction makes all the difference! Early Thursday morning a spark ignited into a small flame along U.S. Highway 101. The fire began only 1 ½ miles from my house in Camarillo, California. Hot winds were blowing in from the desert, … Continue reading

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The Normalization of Incest

A major Hollywood director is pushing a film with an incestuous hero and has declared his support for incest. Add that onto a sympathetic California Supreme Court and ambiguous words from a super celebrity. What will the next step be? … Continue reading

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The Appalachia-Malibu-Saudi-Olympic Connection

The London Olympics end today. The first woman to run for the Islamic bastion of Saudi Arabia is blessed by hillbilly Christians, a generous Muslim autocrat, a visionary stenographer and Malibu posh. How does God change the world? He answers … Continue reading

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