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Are You Psychotic Like Moses and Jesus?

How far can church leaders and institutions wander from their beginnings? Harvard University has slid from training godly pastors to raising “leaders” who label Moses and Jesus as psychotic. Fifteen years after the Pilgrims’ first Thanksgiving, American churches were increasing … Continue reading

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Great Days for Youth Ministry!

Adults over 30 grossly underestimate the impact of the Bible on youth! Young adults are twice as likely to believe that the Bible has “a lot” of impact on American youth than adults 29 and older, according to the annual … Continue reading

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Isaiah Targets Your Heart

If you are not careful, your life might change between now and Easter. March’s Old Testament readings are leading us on a journey together into the heart of an ancient sage, Isaiah, who is both prophet and poet. Although Isaiah … Continue reading

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Sermon Themes for Ephesians 4-6?

I’m looking for advice on August theme ideas for preaching from Ephesians 4-6. I’m following the 3-year lectionary, and each of the four passages includes the thread of our speech, our words—to each other and to God. I have a … Continue reading

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Preaching, the Internet and Half-Truths?

Of course it’s true—I found it on the internet! How much confidence do those words inspire in you? My son found a sales position on the web a couple weeks ago. When he went in for the interview a couple … Continue reading

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U R What U Eat

If “you are what you eat,” then I ate at a dangerous establishment in Nashville this week. Nero’s Grill serves Southern comfort food with a twist of sophistication—or perhaps eccentricity. I heard my friend order “Meatloaf,” but I had no … Continue reading

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Learning to Pray…About My Job

What can Moses do for an encore? After hearing God speak from a burning bush, after 10 miracles before Pharaoh, after parting the Red Sea, after summoning water from a rock, after announcing manna from heaven, after demolishing a fortified … Continue reading

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Do You Hate Religion But Love Jesus?

What does healthy fighting look and sound like? Check out the dueling videos—personal vs. community Christianity. Jefferson Bethke declares, “Jesus came to abolish religion.” He discounts the church and emphasizes personal Christianity. He’s worth watching and listening to. In Fiddler … Continue reading

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What Is the Bible Anyway?

Lots of experts have written precise, scholarly explanations of what the Bible is. I like David Bowden’s fast-paced original slam poem “I Believe in Scripture”: There’s so much flying by that I’ve enjoyed Bowden’s piece more as I watched it … Continue reading

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“Happy New Year” Is God’s Idea

A “new year” is arbitrary, but I like it anyway. Most things do not improve with age. I peeled this orange for snack this week on the 5th day of Christmas, but it was not a gift from my true … Continue reading

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