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Love and Martyrs

The Archbishop of Kenya is far too experienced in responding to martyrdom. His latest response of love and grace came poignantly on Good Friday, but it is only for the latest in a series of attacks. • In 2012, 17 Christians … Continue reading

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The Hobbit and Daisy Love

Remembering Daisy Love Merrick… Live a larger life—the life you were created for—and change the world! Tomorrow a neighboring pastor is going to his 8-year-old daughter’s memorial service. A few days ago he dressed up like a hobbit with her … Continue reading

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Sandy Hook Singer: Ana Marquez-Greene

Last Friday, a gunman murdered 20 children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Shortly before, he had killed his own mother. Ana Marquez-Greene, one of the 6-year-old victims sang “Come Thou Almighty King” with her … Continue reading

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Community When You’re Up…or Down

Saturday was a jagged up and down day celebrating community. A week ago I baptized two teenagers, and on Saturday they faced off against each other in a ballgame. What a joy to watch them and two more in our … Continue reading

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Promotion, Promotion, Promotion, Promotion

I celebrated four promotions today—from comic to cosmic. Three in schoolyards and one in a graveyard. Fifteen four- and five-year-olds were comically adorable in their Holy Cross Preschool promotion this morning. They are on their way to the grand adventure … Continue reading

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Jim the Visioneer

My friend Jim just died at 92. On Tuesday afternoon his eyes glimmered a little behind the thickening curtain of death. On Wednesday morning he left. The ultimate geek, when Jim’s teenage daughter was sick in bed, he attempted to … Continue reading

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I Hate Funerals!

In the Garden of Eden there was no corner set aside for a cemetery. This world was not created for funerals. We were created to live forever. Funerals were not part of God’s perfect plan. When Jesus went to a … Continue reading

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