Why “Red-Letter Ideas”?

There are various uses of the term “red letter” that apply to this blog from Holy Cross.

Easy A: I Love Ojai

The latest movie shot in Ojai was 2010’s Easy A, based on a red letter. This comedic twist on Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter focuses on an “A” student who uses a false rumor about her “adulteress” status to get money and social status.

The Scarlet Letter: The Ugliness of Truth Without Love

In 1850 Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter pointed a finger at bigotry and religious hypocrisy. I applaud.

Red-letter Bibles: Jesus

In 1900 Louis Klopsch published a first-of-its-kind Bible in which the words of Jesus were printed in red. Red-letter Bibles make the words and ideas of Jesus stand out loud and clear. That’s my goal too.

Red Letter Days: Holy Days, Holidays and Euphoric Days

In 1549 the first Book of Common Prayer showed special holy days in red letters. In that tradition many calendars print holidays in red letters. In the movie Back to the Future Dr. Emmit Brown refers to the day he thought up the flux capacitor as “truly a red letter day in science.” In the animated movie Aladdin, Princess Jasmine sings the euphoria of her first ride on a magic carpet as “every moment red letter” (“A Whole New World”). The video game, Half-Life 2 names its second chapter “A Red Letter Day.” I want people to enjoy holy days, holidays and euphoria.

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