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Graduations Are Grand

Why are graduations so great? A graduation ceremony celebrates both individual achievement and an intense bond of community. Graduation is the doorway between years of routine and an unpredictable journey into the future. It shines with youthful aspiration and shows … Continue reading

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A Minister’s Confession

Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It has been too long since my last confession. I bow before You most of all because I have offended you, my God, who are all good and deserving of all my love. … Continue reading

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Community When You’re Up…or Down

Saturday was a jagged up and down day celebrating community. A week ago I baptized two teenagers, and on Saturday they faced off against each other in a ballgame. What a joy to watch them and two more in our … Continue reading

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How Do I Smell?

What do I smell like? (May I ask that more figuratively than literally?) My friend showed me these roses she has grown at Blue Hill Farms. Then she took me on an aromatherapy tour: “This white one smells like cold … Continue reading

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Better Than On Schedule?

Yesterday nothing went according to schedule, but everything went right! Church Council meeting went longer into the afternoon than usual, but as usual it was effective and harmonious. Not everyone agreed about everything, but everyone was agreeable. That left me … Continue reading

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I Love Artists

I love artists! They see the world differently and help me to look at it in new ways. They create beauty from the ether of imagination. They are unbound by “is” and “was.” Scientists cultivate deep curiosity, but they cannot … Continue reading

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Celebrity Worship

What a crazy week. On Sunday morning I worshiped with Kari. On Monday afternoon as I flew from LAX to Nashville, NBC played a commercial for The Sing-Off. Kari, who led worship with me on Sunday morning, was serenading me … Continue reading

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