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“My Lifelong Thanks”

On Veterans Day   “My Lifelong Thanks”   I was a great big second-grader as the Independence Day parade approached. The first wave was men in old uniforms. They did not walk, But marched, Firmly holding their flags aloft, A … Continue reading

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Graduations Are Grand

Why are graduations so great? A graduation ceremony celebrates both individual achievement and an intense bond of community. Graduation is the doorway between years of routine and an unpredictable journey into the future. It shines with youthful aspiration and shows … Continue reading

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Lost: A Common Language

The United States is losing a common language. Nonsense highway signs show this plainly. Exhibit A This highway ramp in Simi Valley may be closed “intermediately” for a year (photo taken 10/31/2015). Unfortunately, these words do not mean anything. Our … Continue reading

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Poem: Writer’s Recipe

Writer opens up his pot to make a stew Sifting lines that don’t belong for words that do Mashing genres till their fibers are askew Pounding irony till tender as a shoe Oils onomatopoeia zoo-zoo-moo Hones a metaphor that cuts … Continue reading

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Authentic Organizational Values

Yesterday I attended the most extraordinary high school graduation I have ever witnessed. At Besant Hill School of Happy Valley, 25 students graduated, and each graduate gave a brief speech including my favorite new alum, Jasmine. My personal memories of … Continue reading

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The Cost of a Cabin

My cabin is boring beige The hazy clouds are layers of lavender, pink, white and blue High above a half moon nods a slanted greeting As we jet north, the fields far below hue from tan to white Infrequent towns … Continue reading

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Most Overused Word of 2015

The most overused word of 2015 is absolutely “absolutely.” As you listen to interviews, you can hear it before the interviewee even says it: “Absolutely.” Anytime the answer could be “Yes,” “Sure,” “Certainly” or “Probably,” you will hear “Absolutely.” Unfortunately, now … Continue reading

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