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Inquisitor Cory Booker

Today Christian Senator Cory Booker demanded to hear from Hindu-background judicial candidate Neomi Reo what she considers “sinful” or not. Religious questions are out of bounds. To avoid going back to the days of the Inquisition, our founders banned such … Continue reading

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Bigotry: The New Normal in the US Senate?

We are witnessing an Olympic sprint to religious bigotry in the United States Senate.

In only 17 months, 4 sitting United States Senators have applied a religious test to nominees they interview. Continue reading

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Ode to James Comey

SONGWRITER ARRESTED FOR TREASON! Because his song requested that the President rehire the defender of the nation, the artist was arrested for treason. He was released when he agreed to destroy all copies of the song. The national defender had … Continue reading

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Waking Up a Billionaire

Imagine waking up a billionaire! That’s what Lynsi Snyder did today. Her family set things up so that when she turned 35 years old, she would become the sole owner of In-N-Out Burger, worth more than $1 Billion. Happy 35th … Continue reading

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Kenyans Win Boston Marathon

Who and where we come from shapes who we are. Why do some nations produce such unbelievable strings of champions? The men’s and women’s champions at the Boston Marathon today are both from the same country—Kenya. Kenya and its neighbor … Continue reading

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America’s Blind Spot

Slavery is a dark stain on America. Yet Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson proudly ran newspaper ads for runaway slaves. If they could not see the evil of slavery, what are we missing in our time? Jefferson sought to … Continue reading

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“My Lifelong Thanks”

On Veterans Day   “My Lifelong Thanks”   I was a great big second-grader as the Independence Day parade approached. The first wave was men in old uniforms. They did not walk, But marched, Firmly holding their flags aloft, A … Continue reading

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