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This blog is a community bulletin board. Five hundred years ago, a discontented Roman Catholic monk named Martin Luther posted 95 ideas for discussion on the community bulletin board. He nailed a piece of paper to the church’s front door. You can post your world-changing, or whimsical comments, with us.

5 Responses to Have YOUR say!

  1. Rod says:

    The NIV and I are no longer on speaking terms. Numbers 23:21 was the last straw.

  2. Ben Unseth says:

    What’s wrong with the NIV in Numbers 23:21? It reads a lot like the ESV and NASB. What bothers you here?

    • Rod says:

      KJV, ‘I have not beheld iniquity in Jacob’
      NIV, ‘No misfortune is seen in Jacob’

      Jesus died for all sins past, present, and future; repented of or not.
      1 John 2:2, ‘It is he who is the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and not for ours only, but also for the whole world’s.’

      We chose hell by not appropriating the grace He extended to us, thus offending the message of the Holy Spirit to (John 16:9 ‘in regard to sin, because men do not believe in me’) believe in Jesus.

      The passage in Numbers is so much more powerful and in-line with the gospel if God, looking at His beloved Israel (Read the rest of Baalam’s prophecies), saw Jesus covering all their iniquity.

      Again, this is the last straw. Changing ‘Almighty God’ to ‘Sovereign Lord’ ~3000 times; shoehorning in ‘sinful nature’ where most are satisfied with ‘carnal’ (having to do with physical things). We’ve been falling apart for some time.

      Your thoughts are always appreciated. Rod.

  3. Ben Unseth says:

    The NIV is in line with with most contemporary translations regarding Numbers 23:21, including the ESV, NASB, and the HCSB. Both renderings appear accurate.

    There’s a bit of good news about the NIV’s Calvinist overreach with the term “sinful nature.” Bad news first: the NIV 1984 translation team was controlled by Calvinists to the extent that “sinful nature” was rough-shod introduced into the Bible and used a staggering 23 times. The good news is that honesty returned to some degree in the NIV 2011 so that “sinful nature” was changed in 21 of the 23 times.

  4. Rod says:

    Love ya bro. You know I’m not normally given to violent over-reaction, so this probably won’t be long-lived.

    I feel God loving you right now, “I am especially fond of you Ben. You are truly my son. It was a joy to adopt you the day you chose to love and live for Jesus. All heaven rejoiced – I have the video, you can watch it later. You have been a source of great pride to me as well. You care for my flock well and I am grateful. Take care to keep your face on me like King David did, and off the people like King Saul did. I am your joy and your supply. I approve of you, I am proud of you, I brag about you; what more do you need. I love how you love my Word, how it brings you joy and sustains you.”

    I am human, I got distracted … the joy, gratitude, pride and love I felt from Daddy toward you was beautiful and I pray that the Holy Spirit would bless you with it today.

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