Graduations Are Grand

Besant Hill Graduation 2016Why are graduations so great? A graduation ceremony celebrates both individual achievement and an intense bond of community. Graduation is the doorway between years of routine and an unpredictable journey into the future. It shines with youthful aspiration and shows flickers of childish uncertainty. It combines generations of family with lifelong friends. The sad note: At the moment a graduate pivots into a peer relationship with a mentor, the two face a farewell.

If you are very fortunate as I was today at Besant Hill School, Ojai, you hear precious words from graduates:
“There were days when I felt homesick, but there were more days when I felt at home.”
“I feel like Bill Gates in the making.”
“How can I possibly explain the endless love that I have received here?… It has infected my soul and changed the essence of who I am…. Besant Hill has made me who I am and who I want to be.”
“You can gain friendship and inspiration… This will be my home forever. I am always learning
(school motto).”
“I’m glad I ended up here…. That decision was made for me…. I want to thank all my parents.”
“I came to Besant when I really needed support, and that’s exactly what I got.”
“The tides of variety did not wash away my identity at all.”
“I was a closed book…. Now I’m open.”
“There’s no other school that is similar to this community.”
“As you start a journey, you should throw away the store-bought map and create your own.”
“I have learned friendship, leadership and relationship…. I am especially thankful to Randy
[Head of School] who suspended me.”

Graduations are grand!


About Ben Unseth

Executive Director at Project Understanding (2014-2017), social service agency in Ventura, CA
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