Naming Evil: Can the President Say, “Genocide”?

ISIL_massacreThe first step in stopping evil is to call it by its name. Today the US House of Representatives voted unanimously, 393-0, “to back a ‘sense of Congress. saying the crimes committed against Christians, Yezidis and other ethnic and religious minorities in the region amount to war crimes and in some cases, genocide,”

“This is a threat against civilization itself when a group of people, ISIS–8th century barbarians with 21st century weaponry–can systematically try to exterminate another group of people simply because of their faith tradition violating the sacred space of individuality, conscience and religious liberty, you undermine the entire system of international order,”[sic] said Republican sponsor Jeff Fortenberry from Nebraska.

“It is clear that at least some of the war crimes are part of a planned genocide against the religious minorities in areas that ISIS occupies,” agreed California Democrat Rep. Brad Sherman.

Congress had already given the US State Department till March 17 to affirm genocide, but the State Department has declined to make any declaration.

The New York Times documented United Nations accusations of ISIL’s genocide:

Even Aljazeera has published the United Nations findings of ISIL genocide:

Will President Obama unmuzzle his State Department to say the word “genocide” against Christians and Yazidis!

About Ben Unseth

Executive Director at Project Understanding (2014-2017), social service agency in Ventura, CA
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