Persecuted Church Sunday

AbediniAmerican pastor, Saeed Abedini, is serving 8 years in prison in Iran for his faith in God. He has internal bleeding from beatings, torture and psychological torment.

Join in praying for Pastor Abedini’s release this weekend on Persecuted Church Sunday. On April 21, 70,000 churches who follow traditional Bible readings will read about martyrs in Revelation 7:9-17. In these 70,000 churches, 20 million Christians will pray for peace and release for their persecuted brothers and sisters.

Saeed Abedini was arrested in Iran last September while he was working under the guidance of the Iranian government in launching an orphanage for Muslim children. The government arrested and then convicted him for his Christian witness from 2000-2005.

January Letter

In January he wrote to his wife:
“I always wanted God to make me a godly man. I did not realize that in order to become a godly man, we need to become like steel under pressure. It is a hard process of warm and cold to make steel. This is the process of my life today. One day I am told that I will be freed and allowed to see my wife and kids on Christmas—which was a lie. And the next day I am told I will hang for my faith in Jesus. One day there are intense pains after beatings and interrogations. The next day they are nice to you and offer you candy….

“What is in us is stronger than what is in the world, and it has conquered the world.
“Pastor Saeed Abedini, in chains for our Lord Jesus Christ”

February Letter

In February he wrote to his wife again:
“The conditions here get so very difficult that my eyes get blurry, my body does not have the strength to walk….
“After all of the nails they have pressed against my hands and feet, they are only waiting for one thing…for me to deny Christ. But they will never get this from me…..
“I deeply need God’s saving grace so that I can be the fragrant scent of Christ in the dark house of Evin prison….
“So, see your golden opportunities in pressures and difficulties.
“See the Shining Morning Star in the dark times of your life.”

Join in praying for Pastor Abedini and for his family in the U.S.—his wife, Nagmeh, his daughter Rebecca (6) and his son Jacob (5). Sign a petition for his release:

Abedini will turn 33 on May 5, the same age as Jesus when he was crucified. The following video offers an opportunity to encourage him.

Learn more at:

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