Learning to Pray…About My Job

What can Moses do for an encore?

After hearing God speak from a burning bush, after 10 miracles before Pharaoh, after parting the Red Sea, after summoning water from a rock, after announcing manna from heaven, after demolishing a fortified city without fighting, after delivering God’s Ten Commandments—

What can Moses give to God’s people before he climbs Mount Nebo, gazes at the Promised Land and dies?

He gives them—and us—this blessing for our work! (I have extracted a portion of the lengthy blessing and phrased it so that you may pray it for yourself.)

“The eternal God is my refuge,
and underneath me are the everlasting arms.

“Lord, bless all my skills,
and be pleased with the work of my hands!

“God, ride across the heavens to help me!

“Let me abound with the favor of the Lord
and be full of your blessing! Amen.”

About Ben Unseth

Executive Director at Project Understanding (2014-2017), social service agency in Ventura, CA
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