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Learning to Pray…About My Job

What can Moses do for an encore? After hearing God speak from a burning bush, after 10 miracles before Pharaoh, after parting the Red Sea, after summoning water from a rock, after announcing manna from heaven, after demolishing a fortified … Continue reading

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Do You Hate Religion But Love Jesus?

What does healthy fighting look and sound like? Check out the dueling videos—personal vs. community Christianity. Jefferson Bethke declares, “Jesus came to abolish religion.” He discounts the church and emphasizes personal Christianity. He’s worth watching and listening to. In Fiddler … Continue reading

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial vs. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Washington, D.C., didn’t get Martin Luther King, Jr. while he was alive. Why should we be surprised that Washington doesn’t get him yet today? They have censored him as a minister and carved him in stone as “an arrogant twit,” … Continue reading

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What Is the Bible Anyway?

Lots of experts have written precise, scholarly explanations of what the Bible is. I like David Bowden’s fast-paced original slam poem “I Believe in Scripture”: There’s so much flying by that I’ve enjoyed Bowden’s piece more as I watched it … Continue reading

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Teamwork = 5 People Playing 1 Guitar

Teamwork creates harmony! Teamwork enhances effectiveness! Teamwork builds security! Teamwork grows camaraderie! Teamwork fulfills vision! The teamwork in this video will bend your mind:

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Better Than On Schedule?

Yesterday nothing went according to schedule, but everything went right! Church Council meeting went longer into the afternoon than usual, but as usual it was effective and harmonious. Not everyone agreed about everything, but everyone was agreeable. That left me … Continue reading

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I Love Artists

I love artists! They see the world differently and help me to look at it in new ways. They create beauty from the ether of imagination. They are unbound by “is” and “was.” Scientists cultivate deep curiosity, but they cannot … Continue reading

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