The Secret to Fish Burritos

If you want to make great fish burritos, race headlong to your nearest Farmer’s Market. I don’t care which ingredients you pick—you know what you like. I do care that you create with fresh veggies!

At the Farmer’s Market I found each of these amazing gifts:

The peppers gleamed yellow and green.

The Brandywine tomato lived up to its celebrity reputation.

The cilantro was perfecto!

And as the vegan cheesecake seller’s T-shirt proclaimed: Only kale can save us now! (If vegan cheesecake surprises you, let me mention that I live in coastal California where children’s birthday parties feature “veggie-dogs” rather than old-fashioned Armour or Oscar Mayer.) I’m not sure that kale qualifies as a superhero, but is a marvelous vegetable.

This crew of vegetables layered over my tilapia to create exquisite tilapia burritos. The sad end to the tale is: Once we ate our burritos, they were gone forever.


About Ben Unseth

Migrant executive and professor.
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