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Do Life Together

“Everyone stand up! Remain standing as long as you answer yes to my questions.” We were introducing new people in a group I hang out with. The questions would thin us out until the honored new member stood alone. First … Continue reading

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Learning to Pray…Through the Lord’s Prayer

How can I say “Yes” to Jesus today? We sometimes complicate what Jesus made simple. Jesus told people plainly, “This, then, is how you should pray: ‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name….” (Matthew 6:9-14). Another time, when his … Continue reading

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Vice Presidential Nominees in 2012?

DEMOCRATS: We know who the nominee will be. President Barack Obama would be wise to retire the gaffer-in-chief, Joe Biden, and adopt Sen. Jim Webb (VA), former Sec. of the Navy. This would keep the center from leaking to the … Continue reading

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Mortality Stinks

My smartest move as a dad was to have my youngest son born three days before my birthday. My birthday has now been completely overshadowed. That’s fine with me. As a wise eight-year-old, my boy explained to me on his … Continue reading

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Leaders or Changemongers?

Leaders who won’t receive change should step down. If leaders could accept a fraction of the change that they require from others, their teams could achieve what now seems impossible. Change is disorienting when it happens to us. A “stranger” … Continue reading

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Team Ministry

Serving as a pastor is incredibly easy . . . when you are surrounded by a great team! There are moments, however, when you wonder if you are facing smooth sailing or a storm. On Sunday after church, Supermom asked … Continue reading

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