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Martin Luther: Prioritize Seekers and Young People

Martin’s 9 Mottoes for Worship Motto #4: PRIORITIZE SEEKERS AND YOUNG PEOPLE! A few years ago a young Bill Hybels launched a new church with a revolutionary concept: Plan worship services for the seeker. Tens of thousands of people have … Continue reading

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A Horrible, Fabulous Night

Last night was fantastic! A six-hour layover, an airport without a car, and a hotel without a room. After landing in Oklahoma City at 11:30pm, Enterprise Rental Car sent me to National. I had a reservation, but all National had … Continue reading

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Lost Boys, Found Men

Today surprised me. As a society we don’t have ancient tribal rituals of taking down your first caribou or bringing home a coyote. The closest thing we have to a rite of passage is earning a driver’s license. Today Son … Continue reading

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Choosing to Live Local!

Community is what big cities wish they had—a unified body of individuals, people with a common life. Community is the great advantage of small cities—like Ojai where I serve! People in community recognize each other and help each other in … Continue reading

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