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Titanic-sized Unanswered Prayer

Today is an anniversary of unanswered prayer (I’m writing on April 10). My friend Tillie wanted a ticket for today. She asked God to let her ride the great new ship on her maiden voyage. Tillie had been faithful to … Continue reading

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Whose church?

I learned a lot about church identity from Yahya, a Muslim friend of mine. He had been talking with an aggressive Christian who seemed ungodly to him. Yahya said that he respected Frank, Brenda, and me, and our church. When … Continue reading

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Jury Duty and the Last Judgment

Today I’m locked away for jury duty. Two hundred prospective jurors are not where we planned to be today. We are here to affirm the innocence of people wrongfully accused. We are here to discern the guilt of those who … Continue reading

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What the world needs . . .

“What the country needs is dirtier fingers and cleaner minds.” -Will Rogers

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