Martin Luther: Don’t Be Boring!

Martin’s 9 Mottoes for Worship
Motto #1: DON’T BE BORING!

What? Martin Luther didn’t say that, did he? He came very close to saying exactly that! Luther’s words:
“In church we do not want to quench the spirit of the faithful with tedium.” (Luther’s Works, Vol. 53, Liturgy and Hymns, p. 24)

The context? Luther said that if anyone wanted to sing more than two verses of a certain chant, the person should do it at home rather than bore the congregation. The application is rather transparent. Is there a part of your service in which people seem disengaged? CHANGE IT!

What element of a worship service seems the dullest to you?
What have you changed, or what would you like to change? What is the revised form?

Martin’s 9 Mottoes for Worship:

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Executive Director at Project Understanding (2014-2017), social service agency in Ventura, CA
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