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Rob Bell on Advent

“What the church calendar does is create space for Jesus to meet us in the full range of human experience, for God to speak to us across the spectrum, in the good and the bad, in the joy and in … Continue reading

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Narnia Message Series

How do we communicate Advent and Christmas today? At Holy Cross, we are hosting “A Christmas Advent-ure: Your Voyage to the End of the World.” Alongside Scripture, we will focus on characters from C.S. Lewis’ latest Narnia movie, Voyage of … Continue reading

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“The Only Jesus We Know”

“We have no picture of Jesus as merely Jesus, to interpret as we please. The only Jesus we know is Jesus as the Christ, Son of God, Logos, Lord, Savior—all titles of highest possible honor, putting him in the place … Continue reading

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“It Was Raining People”

Background: Voices on NPR radio broke as victims tremblingly told their stories from the World Trade Center on September 11 in 2001. One interviewee said, “It was raining people.” The flames disrobed without remorse Smoke signals told heaven that hell … Continue reading

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Our Uninspired Lectionary

The point of the lectionary is exploring all of the Bible, but it misses a couple important things. Celebrate God’s Word The lectionary doesn’t offer a month to simply celebrate God’s Word. So that’s what we’re doing this month, based … Continue reading

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Impossible Forgiveness in Baghdad

After 52 were killed in church on October 31, this is how they worshiped one week later. As a woman with a bandage around her leg said, “They gave us blood, and we give them forgiveness.” CLICK HERE to read … Continue reading

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Law and Gospel?

“Law and gospel is all about naming reality. It’s about telling the truth, twice. First we hear the difficult truth of our brokenness, our fears, our sins. And then we hear the good and gracious news about God’s response to … Continue reading

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I Am the Sheep Who Got Lost

I am the sheep who got lost. I have stepped off the path. I have missed the mark. I have damaged relationships. I have polluted my heart. I have planted weeds in my mind. I have downloaded viruses into my … Continue reading

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My friend died today. He fought in World War II. He fought in Korea. He fought in Vietnam. He hated war!

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God Is Not a Democrat

God — is not a Democrat, God is not a Republican. He is neither Independent, Green Party nor Libertarian. Jesus is not a Liberal, Jesus is not a Conservative. He is neither a Progressive nor a Fundamentalist. God is not … Continue reading

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