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Life: Monopoly vs. Chess?

Some people think that life is like Monopoly or Risk. The better you play, the more stuff you get, the more you can control! That’s the way Zacchaeus had lived. He was wealthy, and he was a high-ranking professional. In … Continue reading

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Reading Is Dangerous

“One sentence can change the trajectory of your life. -Mark Batterson cwg13

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Christian Voting? Nuance, Gray and Paradox

Voting was easy. Then Francis the Brit messed up my politics. I had grown up with a set of moral and political values that integrated beautifully. Why didn’t everyone agree with me? My wife and I were living in a … Continue reading

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Confession for People Who Don’t Feel Sinful

How can people confess sin that they do not feel? In an era of self-esteem, confession seems counter-intuitive to many. Even if people grasp something of God’s holiness and our sin, how do we lead them to worship? In previous … Continue reading

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Smalcald Articles and Treatise

The Smalcald Articles were a theological last will and testament written by Luther for a papal council but set aside by Melanchthon. Melanchthon added a “postscript” on papal authority related to the larger document, although Luther had been too ill … Continue reading

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Formula of Concord

A generation after Luther died, in 1580, Lutheran scholars sought to write the conclusive statement on theology, the Formula of Concord. In 1521 Luther and his followers were outlawed. After Luther’s death in 1546, Emperor Charles V won a military … Continue reading

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Augsburg Confession

Were the Lutheran leaders still Catholic? That was the question behind the imperial summons. The evangelicals, or Lutherans, came to Augsburg to find a path forward within the Roman Catholic church. They left with a resolve to forge a new … Continue reading

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